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Slappy curb

West La Hache XTH

Ordinarie pris 5 175 SEK
Ordinarie pris 6 900 SEK Försäljningspris 5 175 SEK
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Since day one, “la Hache” has been our flagship board, an all around performance machine, and the shape that started it all for WEST. For the 8th season of “la hache” we refreshed the shape, same timeless look, slightly wider and redesigned nose and tail shape. « La Hache » has a twin tip shape, yet a directional construction and some special ingredients, like carbon stringers from tip to tail and a fast IS7200 base. These high end additions are the secret sauce for this board's speed and pop. Available in four different sizes. The 153 cm is absolutly suitable for women ! « La Hache » is the best choice if you need a reliable all mountain board that stands strong under your feet.


tech specs new hache.png